What Can a Chiropractor Help You With

Have you ever had neck pain or back pain so serious that you can even turn or bend forward? Are you suffering from a joint pain or back pain that is so severe that you can’t get up in the morning? These are just some of the many physical problems that we can have at some point in our lives and if they happen, there is one place you can go to—a Dubai Chiropractic Clinic. There are places where you can go for a massage too but the difference of chiropractic care is that it tries to eliminate the root cause of the body pain you are feeling unlike a message that is more of a temporary relief to relax the muscles when we are tired, or when we over exert the muscle. With chiropractic treatment, it deals with more chronic pain such as Sciatica or back problems that don’t really disappear even when we are not tired or didn’t do anything.

If you are going to a Dubai chiropractic treatment, here are some of the problems that they can help you with:

Neck and Shoulder pain – if you are feeling stiffness on your neck and shoulder area to the point that the pain is severe and you cannot move, then you should definitely go to see a chiropractor. Pain or stiffness might be due to torn ligaments or you might have some problems with your back that causes the pain to go all the way up to your neck and shoulder.


You might also have some problems with your posture. For example if you work long hours in front of a computer, that could cause chronic pain on your shoulders and neck. Or if you are usually looking down on your desk or if you do a lot of paper work looking down on documents, that could also be cause of spine issues that connect to the neck. All these can be detected and treated by a Dubai chiropractic.


Back Pain – another issue that many chiropractors usually treat are back-related pain such as people with Sciatica. Sciatica is when there is a vein in the lower spine that gets swollen and sticks out. The pain is due to this swollen vein getting pinched or pressed between the spinal bones. Usually the cause of this back issue is when we sit down for long hours not really moving or changing our position or if we don’t really do any exercise at all. So if you are experiencing lower back pain, just remember that you can go to a Dubai Chiropractic Clinic to get treatment especially if the pain is already choric and does not go away even if you are just resting.


When you go to your Dubai chiropractic treatment, don’t forget to talk to your doctor about preventative measures you can do in order to keep the pain away and make sure your treatment gets positive results. Overall, a typical session with a chiro can be about 3-6 sessions so choose a chiro that is close to where you live for more convenience.